Free Class or Free one on one training?

If you are new to CrossFit, have never done CrossFit or are currently not working out we recommend trying OPC through a FREE one on one training session and assessment. This will allow one of our coaches to give you their full attention and an individual recommendation for  beginning CrossFit. One on one sessions are by availability only and must be scheduled in advanced either by phone or email, 520-392-8329 or

 If you have experience with CrossFit and or weight lifting and are currently active or semi active you can select a class that works for your schedule and drop in to see if its a good fit for you. We ask that you come a few minutes early to either class or your one on one to fill out a waiver and get acquainted with the coach.

What to Expect

One on one sessions are a half hour, our coach will warm you up stretch you out, and take you through some of the movements that we do in CrossFit.  

Classes are all instructor guided and one hour long. As a group we go through a warm up, stretching and skill work preparing for the workout of the day.

If you are visiting from out of town please view our drop in policy

Click the link to make your free trial selection!

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