Running and Cycling Clinic

Saturday July 20th

Want to improve your running and or cycling technique and skills to elevate your performance?

Want to improve your distance or speed for races, workouts or fun?

Join us for our RUNNING AND CYCLING CLINIC Saturday July 20TH!

We are


Strength + Power + Accuracy

Strength is the ability to apply force, power is the ability to apply maximum force in minimum time and accuracy is the ability to control movement in a specific direction or intensity. At Old Pueblo CrossFit these components of fitness are expressed through the skills of weightlifting and gymnastics; we build confidence and proficiency through repetition and consistency. Come get strong with us!


Stamina + Speed + Endurance + Agility

Most physical tasks require some level of sustained mental and physical effort, combine this with the biological ability to efficiently process energy and oxygen, minimal time in transition from one movement pattern to the next and a relative rapidity in movement and you are building the type of conditioning you can take anywhere!

Flexability + Balance + Coordination

Good range of motion is a key component to muscle and joint health and a noticeable asset for physical performance which we incorporate into our daily routine. In our program we work towards creating mobility and body awareness to maintain stability and improve movement patterns towards external objects and our body in space.

Community, coaching, progressive programming and convenient hours, come check out everything Old Pueblo CrossFit has to offer!





Why Choose Old Pueblo CrossFit?

Old Pueblo Crossfit is a strength and conditioning training facility located on Tucson’s East side.

If you’re unsure whether CrossFit is for you, consider trying one of our free intro classes.

After trying an intro class or two, however, most people are converts: they realize they’ve been wasting a lot of time in the gym, and that CrossFit would get them in the best shape of their lives, fast.

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