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Welcome to Old Pueblo Crossfit

We are a strength and conditioning training facility located on Tucson’s East side.

We are OPEN! We are accepting new members and ask that everyone take the time to please review our COVID POLICIES as these are important for all members and guests to understand and follow during this time.
Welcome to Old Pueblo Crossfit

We are a strength and conditioning training facility located In Tucson.

Serving the East side, midtown, Tanque Verde, and the surrounding areas. 

Have a specific question or want to schedule? Text or call 520-392-8329.

Top Gym in Tucson

We are A CrossFit Gym

A place where hard work meets fun and what was once impossible becomes repeatable
Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

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Battle of the boxes 8

Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024

Registration is OPEN! Space is limited, so get your team signed up today!

Who we are


Strength + Power + Accuracy

Strength is the ability to apply force. Power is the ability to apply maximum force in minimum time. Accuracy is the ability to control movement in a specific direction or intensity. At Old Pueblo CrossFit these components of fitness are expressed through the skills of weightlifting and gymnastics; we build confidence and proficiency through repetition and consistency. Come get strong with us!

Stamina + Speed + Endurance + Agility

Most physical tasks require some level of sustained mental and physical effort. Combine this with the biological ability to efficiently process energy and oxygen, minimal time in transition from one movement pattern to the next, and a relative rapidity in movement and you are building the type of conditioning that can take you anywhere!

Flexability + Balance + Coordination

Good range of motion is a key component to muscle and joint health and a noticeable asset for physical performance which we incorporate into our daily routine. In our program, we work towards creating mobility and body awareness to maintain stability and improve movement patterns towards external objects and our body in space.

Transform Yourself


Coaching, progressive programming, community and convenient hours. Come check out everything Old Pueblo CrossFit has to offer!

Trusted by Our Customers

A good coach makes sure that they have the right incentive before taking on a client. Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words.

Jonathan Smith

Trusted by Our Customers

A good coach makes sure that they have the right incentive before taking on a client. Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words.

Jonathan Smith

Old Pueblo Crossfit

If you’re unsure whether CrossFit is for you, consider trying one of our free intro classes

Old Pueblo Crossfit is a strength and conditioning training facility serving Tucson’s East side, midtown, and surrounding areas.

After trying an intro class or two, most people are converts: they realize they’ve been wasting a lot of time in the gym and that CrossFit will get them into the best shape of their lives, fast.

Our Reviews

I cannot say enough positive things about Old Pueblo CrossFit! As a newbie to CrossFit, I worked with Dulcinea, and she is an amazing encouraging coach!!Dulcinea is very knowledgeable, gives clear instruction and is very supportive in helping me meet my goals. Anyone desiring to get fit, in an environment that brings out potential you never thought you had…this is the place to be! You will definitely get good results and they can help you meet your goals in fitness!Call Dulcinea and she will take great care of you! Support this business, you will not be disappointed!!! 💪🏼😊
Newer to CrossFit and the coaches are very knowledgeable and everyone that goes to class is great!
Ten years into the old Kool aid drinking binge - 4 states lived in, several boxes toured and numerous drop ins; this is a quality box, good programming and super supportive and positive culture, great coaching all the way through - solid rig, bars and weights; equipment and space is clean - nice locker space, bathrooms are spacious and clean - good offering of class times and open gym.
Amazing coaches and an amazing community to be apart of!! I have seen huge amounts of progress in not only my physical but mental health after being apart of this gym and meeting some of the amazing people that also go here. This is an amazing gym for people at all levels of fitness!
If you are looking for a home away from home OPC is the place. OPC has truly transformed me not only physically but mentally. Coaches Dulce and Carly are seriously the absolute BEST and top tier! They are so patient, kind and willing to make any modifications needed to ensure you have a safe and efficient workout.I cannot recommend OPC enough! Try it today! I promise you will not regret it!
I've been a member of Old Pueblo CrossFit since 2014, and this place is special for all the right reasons! Old Pueblo CrossFit is more than a gym; it's a friendly, supportive community where everyone can thrive.The coaches not only know a lot about CrossFit, but what makes them stand out is how well they connect with each person, whether you're new or experienced.What makes this gym stand out is the family atmosphere that fills every corner of the gym. Members support and encourage each other; making it more than a gym. It a place where a community cheers for victories and helps during tough times. Old Pueblo CrossFit is more than a gym; it's a second home for those seeking a challenging workout and a supportive community. If you want top-notch coaches who truly care and a gym that feels like family, Old Pueblo CrossFit is the perfect choice!
I have been attending Old Pueblo CrossFit since July and I am so so thankful to have found the gym! OPC has given me a great community that pushes me to achieve my fitness goals and has made me grow so much in my training! I am so thankful for Dulce and all the coaches at Old Pueblo CrossFit-you will not regret joining this gym!
A great CrossFit gym for all levels of fitness! The programming and coaching is outstanding. I have seen significant growth in my own fitness thanks to this gym. The atmosphere is very welcoming to all and very family friendly.
Glad I joined this gym especially since it was my first time trying CrossFit. Dulce and all the coaches are great, everyone is very nice, encouraging and welcoming. Highly recommend this gym!
Best gym in Tucson, hands down. The coaches are all knowledgeable, welcoming and helpful. The owners, Dulce and Amos, are the most genuine people you’ll find. I had never even attempted CrossFit before, so I had zero knowledge and was not conditioned for any of it. They have worked patiently with me to help me get better each day. They also have the best members and an overall wonderful community of people. Highly recommend!
Dropped into this gym while visiting Tucson and couldn’t recommend this facility enough!! The drop in process was easy, the staff was welcoming, knowledgeable, accommodating, the facility was clean, and there was a variety of equipment!! Will definitely be back.
Dropped in at 9am on a Wednesday and had an epic long workout with a class full of other ladies and it was awesome! Everyone was welcoming and Dulcinea was so knowledgeable and took a lot of time to warm up/stretch and explain all the movements. I’ve been a coach for 6+ years and I cannot stress enough the importance of attention to detail and form so I appreciated that greatly. I will definitely be back next time I’m in town!
Response from the owner: Thank you for dropping in Sofie! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed the class and appreciate you noticing the coach's efforts. We'll see you next time!
Best bang for the buck martial arts gym in Tucson. This one is a hidden gem not many people know about. Even though they advertise themselves as a CROSSFIT them, they have classes in JIU JITSU, MMA, MUAY THAI , BOXING, BODY BUILDING, what not. . All the instructors are exceptionally well versed. And most importantly, very personal and motivating. They take it as their goal to make sure that you succeed. More than any of that, i think the best thing i like about this gym is that you pay a flat fee (around 120$) for a month, and you can take UNLIMITED CLASSES, ANY kind...I tried so many different gyms, but everyone offers per class prices...but this is really the best bang for the buck..
Great workout .. very friendly coach and people
I've been going here for about 5 months now, and I had never really worked out much before going. The trainers are encouraging and helpful.
Fun and knowledgeable
Old Pueblo is an amazing gym! It is Very clean and organized. The coaches are great, and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is welcoming and nonjudgmental as well! Definitely worth every penny and motivates me to get back in there the next day. 🙂
Great all around Atmosphere.
Great trainers, really know the business
This place is best. Great facility, fantastic trainers and the best community.
I was hooked after my first visit and signed up for a membership! Great atmosphere, caring and knowledgeable coaches, kick-butt workouts!
I dropped in to Old Pueblo Crossfit, im a beginner crossfitter from northern Virgjnia. So friendly, so helpful, so professional, helped me with modifying, ensuring I was using proper form throughout. First class all the way, Highly Recommend!
Could not be a better crossfit gym!
Best cross fit gym in town with the best coaches!!
I love this gym!! The coaches are all so encouraging and knowledgeable!! They truly are there to help you achieve your goals. The owners truly care about your health and fitness goals. The support they provide you is unlike any other gym I have attended. This place is amazing!!
Had a fantastic time at Old Pueblo Crossfit's event 'Battle of the Boxes 2'. A wonderful venue, which was well-organized, clean, and full of the energy that pushes athletes to perform their best. The owners were kind enough to spend time talking to me after the event, showing that they'll go that extra mile to accommodate guests to their gym. I left the event extremely satisfied as an athlete and would recommend that anyone stop by and check this gym out. You won't regret it. Thank you both, Amos and Dulcinea
Great atmosphere and knowledgeable trainers. I'm coming back to CrossFit after 4 years of raising my family and developing my career but, when I walked in the door, I felt as though I had never left. The team here will support you as well as show you the way. Thanks for having such a great place.
I'm in love with Crossfit. The trainers are awesome and have the ability to shove me out of my comfort zone. It pushes me to failure in a way that nothing has before. And that's a good thing. I LOVE my box!!
I was brand new to crossfit when I first came to this gym. I was nervous, but the coaches here made sure the workouts were scaled to my level. I have seen so many improvements in myself already, and I couldn't have done it without the amazing coaching and community! I love it here, and I can't imagine going anywhere else!