CrossFit: An effective fitness plan designed for maximum results and the fun and encouragement to make it a lifestyle

Old Pueblo CrossFit is more than a group fitness class where you sweat and go home, its individual coaching in a group environment.

CrossFit is a scientifically based, measurable and repeatable approach to getting the most out of your workout hour and though the workouts are intense we keep them appropriate to the individual.


Every day is not a race, it’s a building block to get just a little bit better and one step closer to your goals.

What is it like to train at OPC?

All classes are one hour and every class begins with a general warm up, static and dynamic stretching, skill work and workout explanation.

Within a typical week at OPC we program four days where we do a strength training session followed by the WOD (Workout Of the Day), which is the more high intensity portion most people associate with CrossFit. The strength training session is based on a weightlifting cycle and they run in duration of 4-12 weeks. In these cycles there is still variance on reps and loads and ‘heavy’ is always based on individual capacity.  The lifts in the weightlifting sessions are generally barbell such as back squat or clean and our barbells for these lifts are 15lb, 35lb or 45lbs, making it easy to move just the right amount of weight. The other two days a week we do endurance style workouts where there is no strength session and the WOD lasts longer, usually 20-45 minutes.

The WOD is always different and we program to keep variance in time, movement, load, angle and degree of motion. All workouts are tracked through our WODify system so athletes can easily keep an eye on performance progress.

Why do CrossFit?

At OPC we often refer to our members as our athletes, that is because we know everyone has an athlete in them and it’s not about how much they can do but about the ability to express life through movement and over coming physical challenges.

I'm in good shape but I've never done CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting, can I take a class?

Yes, you don’t have to know everything to join a class. If you feel good about your fitness but need some help or a substitute movement our coaches will work with you or give you an alternative exercise.

What if I’m REALLY out of shape and I’m kind of terrified?

Being afraid or anxious over something new is totally normal! We are not here to get in your face and yell at you and try to make you as sore a possible. We do our best to give a great experience from start to finish and are ready to fully explain and demonstrate the workout based on you needs and ability. We have athletes of all levels and sizes at any given time so don’t be worried that you may be the only beginner or that you’ll be judged for not being more experienced. If you are unfamiliar with CrossFit or weightlifting or joining the group is intimidating we can get you started with a FREE one on one session! Please call or email to check availability 520-392-8329 or

I have/had an injury. Can I still do CrossFit?

Yes, we have had many athletes who have successfully used CrossFit to improve their fitness after injury once a doctor has cleared them to resume exercise. Having an injury or limitation to work through requires patience and may mean avoiding certain movements or not going as heavy but our coaches will guide you to do whats right for your body.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable workout clothes and shoes, we recommend a trainer shoe if possible as running shoes are generally very supportive/soft in the arch making them less stable for weightlifting. If you have a water bottle you can bring it but we do have water fountains.

Shoes to check out – No Bulls , Reebok Nanos – or Reebok outlet, Nike Metcons or

Do you take credit cards, cash, and personal checks?

Yes, we accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Do you have a shower?

Yes we do! It is a single person shower,please bring your own towel and soap.