June 3rd – July 11th!

Join us this summer to get the kids moving and excited about fitness!

Peewee CrossFit – 3-5
A fun introduction to functional movement through games and active play.
Kid’s CrossFit 6-10
A class to get kids engaged in physical activity with skills and drills to improve coordination, proper mechanics and body awareness.
CrossFit Teen’s 11-15
A class designed to get teens physically active and prepared for sports by increasing their overall strength, speed and explosiveness. Each session is designed to build better body mechanics through movements such as squats, cleans, and bench press while creating body awareness, coordination and timing with basic gymnastics, jumping and conditioning.
Youth Jiu Jitsu – 6-11
A one hour class that introduces positioning techniques for submissions, escapes and take downs. Includes warm up, drilling and some live rolling. Kids will be able to participate in BOTH the CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu classes.

$70 for the first child/teen and only $40 for each additional (same household)

Follow the link below to register today!